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Company name : Natur'al Packaging
Legal form : SARL
Head Office : 5 rue Altiero Spinelli, 10300 Sainte-Savine, France
E-Mail Address :
Phone number : +33 (0)3 25 70 31 20
Share Capital : 60 000 €
SIRET : 79307587000022
Company Registration Number (RCS) : ...
Intra-Community VAT number : ...


Name of publicationmanager : Frédéric GASSNER
Hosting of website : O2Switch
Website development : Léandre GASSNER

Protection of personal data

1. Storage and usage of your personal data

Information collected via the form on this website is saved in a computer file by NATUR'AL PACKAGING to communicate information linked to the brand and services of NATUR'AL PACKAGING.

It is kept for 1 year and only destined for commercial use by the company NATUR'AL PACKAGING. Information will not be communicated to third parties.

In conformity with the law on personal liberty and data protection, you can exercise your right of access to the data that concerns you and have it corrected by contacting

2. Consent and processing of your personal data

By using the contact form on the website you explicitly authorize the storage and processing of your data for the purpose of informing you about our services.

3. Withdrawal of consent regarding your personal data

You have available a right of access, modification and/or cancellation of data about you and at any moment by contacting our IT service :

By e-mail :

By post : Natur'al Packaging – 37 rue des Bas Trévois, Lot n°17, 10 000 Troyes, France, including a copy of your proof of identity; ideally, by registered mail with proof of delivery.

The person responsible for the computer file has a maximum of 2 months in which to reply following the request, whether made by post or by e-mail. The CNIL (National Commission for Information and Liberty) specifies: “If the request is incomplete (absence of proof of identity, for example), the person responsible for the computer file has the right to request further elements: the reply date limit is then suspended and set in motion again once these elements have been supplied”.

The limits of right of access are specified on the CNIL website and may be consulted by clicking here.


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2. Finality of cookies used

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3.1. Acceptance of cookies

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3.2. Refusal of cookies

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